Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Today sch reopen le:) Yeah.. no need to rot at home again... Haha.. but hearing so many new subjects make me a little nervous... At least last sem theres lots of chemistry.. but tis sem is so full of micro-oragnism.. ALIEN... theres still CDS(s) and church camp and cheerleading... Im starting to feel a bit worried now!!

Haha.. nvm.. theres always a group of friends to send SOS... Looking so forward to hav a crazy time with Azeimah, Ying, Kahang, Sharon, Justina and Zhao again:)

Haha.. well.. we jus had a nice dinner together jus now... and watching Death Note tis Wed too!!

Kkz.. im feeling a bit weird now... my body feels like its burning... and my mind is quite confused now because of something.. Haha.. kkz.. going to watch American Next Top Model... update soon again:)

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