Friday, September 08, 2006

Im a lucky girl:)

Finally finish watching My Name is Kim Sam Soon!! Haha.. nice show.. I wana watch it again.. but next 2 weeks going to busy for IMF and I still got tini's dvd to watch!!

I'm a lucky girl.. when I wana look for a job.. there will always be one:) Today zhao brought kahang, sharon and me to a job agency at suntec and yup.. we got a 3-day job! Haha.. the rest of the jobs require a commitment of 3 months.. and this job is quite relaxing.. and the pay is ok.. THanks ZhaO!!!
Then we went eat and arcade.. so long didnt went arcade liao.. had fun:) Time passes so fast when we r having fun...

After tt a girl name Yvonne called me and said theres another job for me tt is related to my course... lucky man.. I was jus flipping the newspaper a few days ago!! Haha.. but this job sounds mysterious coz she didnt review anything to me.. she say the interview will answer all my questions...

Guess my holidays wont b bored:)

Haha.. for TKSCC.. the children was super hyper today... Aaron and darren... their energy level can last my handphone for 10yrs!!! Haha.. think the teacher saw tt im quite tired so she let me off b4 12pm even though I told her I can leave around 1pm...

Kkz.. gtg now... mum's bdae on sun!! Going sakae:)

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