Friday, September 01, 2006

Free at last!

IM FRRRREEEEEEE!!! Haha.. finished sem exams yesterday! But duno y tis time I dun feel a sense of relief.. or i shd put it tt I dun feel a sense of achivement.. Izit becoz I didnt put in 100% effort? Heck care lah... 6 weeks of break!! People date me out:)

Yesterday was the best day of tis few weeks:) The reunion of Michelle.Audrina.Cheryl.Huimin!!
Went back to PRSS for Teachers Day but only manage to meet Mdm Lim... my sec 2 home teacher.. Im surprised she rmb my name and that she own me a kitkat! Haha... Im I really that naughty tt I left such a deep impression on her?? Anw... we had a nice talk and gald tt both of us are doing well:)
Didnt get to see Mdm Mariam.. Mdm Mariamah.. Xie laushi.. Ms Ang... and GOSH!! MR POH IS WORKING FOR STOMP NOW!! Haha.. felt so happy for him.. its such a waste for a talent like him to be a teacher... im so proud to be his student! And tt not the most goshing factor... HE WILL BE INTERVIEWING KWON SANG WOO!! Bring me to work Mr Poh please....

Went to TM for lunch after tt with MACH... the desert shiok sia... its been so long since I enjoyed my meal:) Haha... Met a lot of ppl in TM... Zhihui still as tall.. Ying Shaung like getting fairer everyday... Keith is still calling me xiao hei(black)... Sigh.. time really flies.. I jus hoped yesterday never end..
Went to Cheryl's house to watch High School Musical after tt... nice show... the girl sings so well! Haha... but the show quite short and the cheerleaders are not really wat cheerleaders are... Chicago is still the best!!

I enjoyed every single moment of yesterday... thanks babes.. Love you guys forever and ever!

Im so looking forward to tis holidays... Church Camp planning... S2006... NYAA and most importantly is CHEERLEADING!! I miss cheerleading so much... Haha.. tt reminds me to go exercise liao... gained so much weight during this 2 weeks... Ate a lot to keep myself awake when studying... So I got 4 days to be fit again... dun wana kill my base!

Mayb I will go swimming later... Haha.. kkz.. going to pack my notes... its all over my cupboard... Take care everybody!

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