Friday, July 07, 2006

I fell again...

The past few days had been rather busy... I think my sch timetable really weird lah... mon and tue damn slack then wed, thurs and fri so tiring!!

For studies, another normal week.. my class changed HAP tutorial teacher:) Not tt Dr vijaya is not good.. but I felt very stressful during her lesson... but after changing to Mr Loh or Mr Low??.. I really look forward to HAP lesson!! Mr L is funny lah.. always smiling and joking with us.. his look reminds me the cartoon charater tt always hunt for bugs bunny.. Hunter Elmer Fudd!! Hey im not saying he look like a pig ok..
Haha.. quiz 2 is coming soon... tt like damn fast lah.. its only the 2nd week of sch!! Sigh.. must start studying now coz the next few sats must go for S2006.. there goes my 'free' time again:(

Ok.. I injuried myself AGAIN so didnt fly during cheerleading again:( Last wed bruised my right knee so skipped last thursday training... yesterday fell right at the start of the training!! Why do I always miss the training on thurs!! Why cant i fall on monday??? Thurs is the most fun training with all the guys and girls and seniors around!! I was doing with full-X with ivan, ben and yam then I suddenly fell from the top and landed on my back... *ouch* It was so embrassing... I cried and the DRAGONBOAT CAPTIAN saw the whole everything.. from how i didnt balance on top.. to how i fall and land on the mat and he saw me cry!! *embrassing* I think I cried because im shocked not because of the pain... Hey ivan dun feel guilty ok.. its my fault coz I didnt lock properly.. im perfectly fine now:)

STUPID ENUGENE!! He ask me why do we train on mats during cheerleading... I will be in hospital with spinal injuries if yesterday dun hav mats! Then during lunch I refused to walk under the blazing hot sun and he laughed! Im tanned enough... and the sun at 12pm is harmful to ur skin lor!! I know im a lousy lab partner but no need like tt bully me rite!! Charles is another big bully also!!!

Haha.. kkz.. election results out today but really tired so didnt go and find out who got into main comm.. hopefully those I voted for got in!! Germany lost :( But nvm.. they are winners in my heart:) So those who did not get into the position they wanted dun be sad ok.. coz u r surely a winner in someones heart!! Ok.. tink i crapped a lot today..

SO excited about netball this sun!! Its been so long since we hav netball... pray tt there will be a nice weather!! Kkz.. update soon again ok:)

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