Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I felt shiok.. felt much more alive after nap!! Haha.. Today sch ends at 2pm so went straight home to my bed... Actually Kahang, Sharon, Ying and Zhao went to CS for the yummy roti prata but they failed to tempt me.. sleep comes before food:)

Its been so long since I am at home during a weekday afternoon... hearing the noise of my mother doing housework.. laughter of Jayson and Ziyi playing (my 3 and 7 yr-old cousins)... tv sound of Hi5 and spongebob.. aroma of my grandma cooking... Ok.. realise tt i really spend little time at home... Tt time mum was saying tt we spent less than 1 hr per day talking to her.. I thought she was jus trying to ask us to not be active in sch.. realise tt I its quite true now.. Shit.. jus joined NYAA...

Haha.. YEAH!!! I didnt sleep MUCH in lec today!! Usually im the last 2nd to reach sch on wed but today im the 2nd!! Hey tt not the most amazing part.. the most amazing part is that i reached sch at 7.59am!! I think its becoz of the raining weather bah... for biochem lec the LT is only half filled... Ate chocolate cake during OC lec today and saw many shocked faces... I think mos ppl onli dare to smuggle small snacks in... then Azeimah, Sharon and I were still enjoying our every fork of cake today... Its not tt we wan to break sch rule ok.. our stomach are screaming so loudly in hunger... its the timetable fault coz we got no break from 8am-2pm at all!!

Finally watched the 3rd series of becomingroyston today.. without sound.. coz the com I using got no speaker... the movie like suddenly stopped... duno izit to be continue or my com is slow.. nvm.. mayb watch it someother day again.. Alvin so shuai!!
Kkz.. tink going to bath and start studying... update soon again ok.. bye!

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