Sunday, June 25, 2006

Church camp update...

Yup.. back for more church camp update.. Haha.. Siow Hwee convinced us to hav 4 days instead of 5 days.. so those working or in army please try to take leave from 18th-21st dec ok:) This year will be quite different.. promise it will surely be more memorable:)
Other camp updates... I think our very first publicity will be coming up very soon.. and we already hav our basic timetable out... serene and me will be going around to try out good food after the jc common test..

Haha.. its good to hav a twin.. we were deciding to go for church or cheerleading then realize tt theres both of us so huiting went for cheerleading today then i went to church:) Bought an ankle guard today.. my right feet keeps having sudden numbness after i fell in cheer a few weeks ago.. at first there is onli a slight pain at the bottom on my feet then the numbness starts coming and going more often recently.. veri scare i injuried a nerve:( Lucky i convinced my mum tt im ok... actuali im really ok.. I will cry for the whole year if she wants me to quit cheer..

today called Swee Siong to ask about 4e7 bbq then he suddenly appear in front of me... whoa.. so ciao:) He was shopping with his mum and im also shopping with my mum. THanks leh swee siong for organizing the bbq:)

Haha.. its 9.45pm .. tink i better go hav my dinner.. bye!

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