Friday, June 02, 2006


Want to know if I'm stressed? Haha.. just take a look at my face... all my pimples pop out!! Yeah.. feeling a bit stressed now.. term test next week and I have completely no idea what HAP and Biochem is talking about:( Actually choose this course coz bio sounds so interesting to me.. didnt get the chance to do it in sec so tot i can do it in poly... but bio is too interesting for me now.. Really sorry Ching Wei for flaring up on you that day.. coz I am fed up with myself for always giving myself excuses when I didnt do well.. so sorry you became my victim... *sorry!*
Just got back my quiz results... miracles do happen.. but not what I have expected...
PIPC- 10.5/20(rather quite disappointed... that's the miracle I wanted.. feel that I let down Mr DK)
Biochem- 7/20 (I know i will fail... so im not very upset by it)
HAP- 15/20(tyco de... tt my miracle.. becoz teacher go thru exactly the same questions during tut the day before... btw.. most ppl get 19 or 20)
Org Chem-8.5/20 (A bit disappointed too.. but average is btw 7.5 to 9.4.. im normal.. so ok lah)
Maths-24/25 :)
Felt that I let down my mum... she keep saying its ok as long as I give my best.. which I think I gave 90%.. she say the subjects are new so its ok to fail.. *love her so much* dun be jealous i hav such a great mum... but which mum will want her children to fail.... for her sake I will study hard:)
I am really pissed off with myself this few days... I just kep giving myself excuses when I do something... like now.. shdnt be blogging but studying instead.. but I tell myself that this will be my last entry before term test.. *stupid* Just cant control what I am doing.. *stupid*
Went to interchange mac to study with Kahang, Sharon n Ying today... Love you so much Ying.. you r so clever.. but sorry that i make you keep repeating.. the advertisement "Wuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu Jie Lu"distracts me so much..
Haha... had a nice lunch with Dot, Sheena, Mel, Ade and Wilson today.. I like going SAA.. its always full of laughter... so happy that Sam like the tennis ball I make for him:) Sorry Beefong, trevor, soon poh and rest that i decided not to join PACE anymore... now I really understood why ASc students are not as active as the rest of TP students.. its not that we dun wan.. it just that we dun hav the time... sorry I gave up pace for cheer...
Tink its time i start my night... hope I can at least finish stuyding pipc n org chem today.. I wan my weekend for hap n biochem..
Shit..I haven done anything for church camp plannig yet!! Ting n Xinlan tot of something for publicity liao.. actually thinking of planning the timetable out or at least think of our theme this year.. but haven done it yet.. opps..
Haha... kkz.. really got to start now..
Mary Moon just cant get out of me head.. Mary Mo oo oo oon...

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