Friday, May 12, 2006

i love my life=)

Hey!! I'm back to update myself again.. haha.. so many people asking me what happen to my blog=)
Life is really great now... Very very busy but im enjoying every single seconds of everyday!! I love my school.. the environment is nice.. my classmates are nice.. my care teacher is great!! Actuali the first week of school i reali wan to change my course coz i dun understand what the heck the lecturers are talking about.. but my classmates are so sweet... they actuali go through with me slowly what is goin on... they are the reason im staying=) haha.. btw if u r loss.. im in temasek poly.. 1st yr... in biomedical sci=)
Yup... wondering y im so busy? haha.. coz im in cheerleading!! Hey.. cheerleading is not ' U go! U go!' or taking all the pom-pom.. its doing stunts and a bit of hip-hop dance ok!! My arms and legs are aching very badly now but I still love cheerleading!! Cheerleading is on tue n thurs.. hav christian fellowship on wed.. so basically im in school from 9am-9pm on this 3 days.. only left mon and fri night to study and do my own stuff.. tt y im so grateful to my classmates.. coz i dun hav the time to go thru every single details slowly by myself.. i dun hav bio background too=(
Yup.. my weekends dun belong to me too... sat is the day that i dun like most coz i hav no time for myself n im not really enjoying what im doing... but i love sun!! coz my cell is planning the church camp!! haha.. planning jus started last week n im so excited... everybody is full of ideas.. still wondering to vote who for the chairperson.. tough choice.. but who is the chairperson doesnt realli matters to me.. coz i know everything will turn out great!! haha.. mus cum ok!! its on the 18-22 dec!
Today had a nice break coz went out to celebrate mother's day at a buffet restaurant.. tt the onli meal i ate today n im still full!! haha.. ate very little this week.. tink is becoz of my gum... its been bleeding since my last visit to dentist.. i tink theres something wrong with the braces but the dentisit say i did not brush my teeth properly... i been wearing braces for 4 months but this the 1st incident.. so i dun know izit reali my fault.. but my dentisit is good ok... i luv him!!
Whoa.. I tink this the longest one i ever write! theres so much more that i wan to write.. like all the cute guys i saw in tp.. foc(sypdna rocks!!).. regatta(dragonboating)... tamborine dance..
tink the next time i write will b sometime in june.. havin exams next 2 weeks n CCN day is cuming... haha.. yup.. so enjoy ur life while im enjoying mine ok=) see ya!

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