Saturday, February 04, 2006


Things not going very right nowadays:( Last year was great... we were so happy together... but now like not as close.. i duno whats e problem... izit becoz we were too insenitive or becoz of different lifestyle now?? Hay.. hope that we were b back to normal soon.. EVERYONE BE BACK!!! We hav a big project coming up.. it will be e best of all... only if all of us are back to e same old cosy room.. .. ..
I tink im feelin a bit depressed nowdays... im too bored!! rotting at home... really hope to get a job soon.. every friend tt i meet talk so much about how they doin in jc or how happy they r workin and spendin thier pay.. i can onli stand at a side and nod my head.. but its useless aso.. result cumin out soon... nobody wans me!!! reali hope i get e tp job!!

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