Sunday, April 24, 2005

Happy Week...

This week has been a really smooth, joyful and memorable week for me! Firstly is of course PRSSCO got gold for SYF! All the hardwork and sacrifices are worth it.. of coz next must jia you for mid-yr liao! Haha.. before SYF.. I really hope time could pass quickly so that i could concentrate on studies...but now wished that i could stay in CO foreva! Ding laulau hugged me on thurs and said that she's sorry for all the scoldings and blaming. Haha...without her...i will not be so proud of myself now. She's a very good teacher... but Shen gan die is of coz the Best!!!
Secondly, sportsday was also another event that made me discover another part of hiddened me. I know I could ran...but didn't know how fast i could ran. Haha...i'm not praising.. but the 4x400m is cougar's race...everyyr we are the champion!! Running 400m is not as easy as you thought..dun mention about the speed! Half way thru.. i tot this was the worst moment of my life.. u feel like stopping but then u know u can't..coz still got 3 other teammates waiting for u.. but the joy of winning is can't be describled by words.So my msg to everyone is (esp sec 4s)... life is like a race... you can't end it just becoz u canot take it anymore or u are tired... just tink of the fruit you will receive at the end of it... bitter first then sweet! Haha!
kkz...lastly is becoz of my church.. after so many yrs of wanting to bring some friends to church to share all the joy and happiness of being a Christian... at last we changed a friend's heart and she is slowly accepting Christ.. So thank God for the wonderful week... good luck for this cuming midyr...take always..buiaz!!

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