Saturday, June 11, 2011


Don't know why no mood to study today... guess im excited for funweek tml :) Well this most probably will be my last post for my this module as it gets busier.. so many things to study my brain is goin to explode soon!

Haha besides the exams part i really love my uni life.. the things i study, my funny lecturers and most imptly my very cool friends :)

We went to msia for PAINTBALL WAR!!! It was super fun and cheap.. surely will be back there for more! :)

Not fair all of them are tall....

BUT not so soon coz im totally broke for next 2 months... after saving for my sch fees i spent every single cent of it to make my new retainers after my failed experiment to disinfect it with listerine overnight... how clever i am right T.T Mayb its a sign that i shd go home more regularly for dinner... sure will b home for dinner the next whole month to save money :)

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