Thursday, October 01, 2009



Had a cool weekend last week:) Met up with m.a.c.h and my babes!:)

Haha anw just some updates..
Work was good :) Actualli was a bit upset coz was no longer in ct26 anymore... really love the ppl over there and aso the workload:) then was attached to ct13 this week... was bored at first coz you just hear hear hear and hear ppl talking.. but kinda love it now coz halijah is really teachin me a lot and now i cant wait to have a court myself! Wahaha but have to wait coz theres still so much more to learn!

for sch had my 1st tut.. wasnt as bad as i tot and i din fall asleep! yeah guess its really impt to hav a good tutor:)

tml meetin up with rh peeps! oh man i miss ahtiong~!

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