Friday, September 04, 2009



PJ called and said they sent my resume for approval! Phew was worried coz tot i din do very well for the interview :P haha was still taggin on fb hoping they will call today and they did! Thank God=)

Anw i was really (-.-!!!)... the day before brought my 2 yr old cousin to the market to buy some stuff.. an aunt commented my child is very cute.. i was like 'hello aunt this my cousin!' Today managed to convince my mum to hav macs for lunch! Went ntuc after tt and another lady asked my cousin not to run around and go back to mummy! ... Do i really look tt old T.T

Haha im well energized now after so many days of work! Looking forward to start work soon!
Cant wait to meet Jus next sat for June's 21st bdae... haha so long din see her le! :)


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