Monday, November 17, 2008




Today this dude finally turn 19! Haha sha, zhao, jus and me turning 20 soon liao lor!:p Anw its really a day for celebration today as we finally completed the MP workbk and report! Yeah so after our submission we headed down to siglap pizzahut in llyod's car! Had lunch and lots of laughter there:)

After lunch we went to TM Swensen for ice-cream and fries... and u know wat? We went to watch Rec and ended up puking all e food out! Wah e movie is really terrible.. 15mins into the show my stomach already churning... not that its scary but coz e whole show is filmed frm e point as if u were e video-camera man! Note is video-camera not camera man! Most of the scenes are so shaky and giddy... the point where everybody starts talking and screaming to explain to the firemen what happened i already feel like puking le! Half an hour into the moive i cant take it anymore so dragged Ying to the toilet:p Haha but llyod and sha seems to really enjoyed the show... yeah tink the story plot is pretty good but not the way they took it... if u get giddy easily perhaps u can watch Quarantine instead coz the storyline is exactly the same:)

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