Sunday, March 09, 2008



Wanted to upload some photos on Amazing Race but blogger got prob! Guess i upload it some other time den:)
Anw last year aso help out as participant den it was so fun! This year din enjoyed as much coz left for trg every night so missed out quite a lot... so~~~ i decided to join as PARTICIPANT for AR6! Wahahah plan only la... coz was smsing alvina den he say if he din join back main comm we can form a grp den eat KFC breakfast every morning:)

Yeah after AR5 went church camp.... actually i enjoyed e camp e most for e week! Coz get to meet new friends:) Suppose to be a 2 day camp but only went half a day:p Haha after camp went coach hse to do banner den coach brought us to a ramen stall at Cathay.. super duper yummy la!!!!

Anw YAY! we got quite a good position to perform during Nationals!

Mon and tues was so scared, worried and vexed... theres injuries and been trying to find an indoor area to train but got rejected:( frances and me was saying everything is against us! Haha but thank God we are still on track:) Wed and thurs tried new stunts and my heart like pounding so hard! For one moment when trying 2-2-1 i tot im goin to die... coz i can hear my heartbeat louder than e counting... i tot my heart will over-work and stop beating! Wahahah sounds silly right... but its my first time doin tts why:p Yeah Thank God once again that everything went well:) Friday Uncle Sam did some mind game thingy.... and felt like crying... i aso duno why i felt this way... mayb becoz remind me of last yr? Last yr i started crying once we finished our performance coz table-top din went up... i dun wan to see e disappointment in coach eyes again.. it will surely make me cry! Yeah so lets do our best and everything UP! UP! UP! ok! Coach been giving us so much... and Peima still fighting with us despite being injuried... and ivan and faezah rushing here and there... and many whom give up their holiday jobs for cheerobics.... WE DESERVE TO GIVE OURSELVE E BEST PERFORMANCE YEAH! We can do it! GO BLAZERS!

I love all of you Blazers:)

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