Saturday, February 16, 2008




Haha thanks everyone for your well wishes and gifts! I really love them all!

Thanks peima and best friend! I love the tshirt most! So kawaii :)
Thanks to minyi , joyjoy and mich! How do u gals know i wan new earrings?
Thanks to my babes! Ying, Kh, Sha, Jus, Zhao, Sheena, Azei.. wah u guys make me sound so desperate for guys lor! haha.. love e shirts:)

Anw cy was so sweet la.. she called and sang bdae song to my sis and me! First time someone did tt and it really suprised me! thanks babe! *muacks*

And kh... i really love ur msg:)

Thanks sha and joyce for ur bdae sms too!:)
Thanks von, lloyd and ernest for ur handshake:p Quite surprised u guys knew my bdae!
Thanks mum, bro and ting :)))
Thanks everyone!

Frm cheermates:)

Frm my babes:)

Anw this valentine day i received my first real rose from a guy:) Its from my BEST FRIEND:)

So beautiful right! :)

Celebrated coach bdae! Its same day as valentine!

Anw i did quite badly for my test today and felt quite shitty throughout e day... thanks ting for acc me:) But when it comes to trg everything jus became alright! haha maybe cheerleaders jus hav e natural aura to make ppl feel happy :P

I felt so blessed everyday! :)

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