Saturday, January 05, 2008



Haha sch reopened... and that busy busy busy period will once again be back:p Actually i quite like it la... i rather be busy than bored:p Haha just cant believe time flied so fast.. i will be year 3 in a few months time!

Today had extra training with peima, ting, justin, larry, ken, zubair and best friend=) Thanks for teaching me so many new things today! Haha.. I have an urge to sleep in hand-stand position today:p Anw really really feel like heck-caring everything now and trg everyday for nationals! Train until i die.... but i know its not possible...

Anw for those who din get into the National team just to tell you guys that we will still learn the rountine as a team! This rountine is not only for nationals but we will be surely using it for the future performance aso! So dun tink u guys can slack ah... must learn the dance, the cheer, the stunts tgt de hor! Yupyup... Gambattee Blazers!


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