Saturday, December 08, 2007

To Blazers=)


Wah i totally wasted my day today... really cant study at home.. keep sleeping, walking ard or watch tv:p But staying at home today gave me a chance to recharge myself! haha which explains y im feelin very happy now=)

Anw wana apologize for what happened on thurs...

Cy and Mich: Hey girls jus wana let u guys know i emo not becoz of u girls ok! Its becoz im realli tired tt day:p So sorry make it seems like you all caused it... it din contribute at all to my emo-ness ok! u girls are young adults liao so i never worry about you all before=) Yeah.. haha.. will find a day den we all meet up and chat together again yeah=)

Peima and Erxin: Haha actually i always emo de.... but only emo infront of peima and erxin! yeah so both of u shd b used to it liao rite?:p But i aso duno y this time i emo den blog it out... hope din shock both of u!

Ken: Hey thanks for comin steamboat on friday although you sat still got test... sorry i din give u a chance to talk much coz im still a bit emo-ing:p haha hope you enjoyed e steamboat!

Mark: BEST FRIEND~ i duno wat to say expt saying thanks=)

Jun: Haha when i say i need 2 weeks break is becoz im not free la:p Coz next week everyday got a paper ma~ den weekends goin out with classmates! The following week is my church camp:p haha but im studyin in sch everyday next week.. if want can study together=)

Justin: After what u say... i decided not to eat meatball for e rest of my life liao~~~~~~

Ting: thanks too!

To blazers: Haha your QM here is a retarded person... the only 2 reasons that will make her emo is either shes tired or hungry.... yeah but dun worry coz i emo when im really really tired only la(no need to worry about e part being hungry!) Last 2 weeks slept less than 24hrs in total.. although after stand chart slept for 13 hrs but its not enough to make up:p

Although the thurs entry i somehow mean what i say... but maybe it sounded too serious... yeah so relax ppl~~~~ im fine now=)

Anw i think theres something seriously wrong with me... thurs and fri i felt so emo tt i im practically forcing myself to talk... but woke up today like 180degree change of mood!
Now im feeling so excited for next week term test! Wohoo~~~

Haha kkz goin back to study now... cant wait for my coffee club treat=)

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