Friday, December 21, 2007


Jus like the camp theme song, this year church camp was magnificent

This camp really learnt a lot.. from the sermons, the games and my group members=)

My group is the Theologians! consisting of Paul, Daniel, Lizhen, Michelle, Hsiao Fong, Timonthy, BingLun, Yue Xin and Lin Shen... although we see each other every sunday.. but i jus realize they are really really cool people!

Haha.. like Daniel.. he is only 12 yrs old and when we are not doin very well he said, "Its ok.. like that nobody can win us!" So cute right!

My group=)

More photos!

This is paul! My eye candy for e camp=)

This is Daniel... e super duper cute guy=)

Me, Uncle Daniel, Lizhen and Joyce!

Joshua the camp chairperson, and e guy that lizhen is smitten over of:p

Michelle, me and Hsiong Fong=)

Yupyup.. i really enjoyed the camp... its hard to descibe you know.. you had to experience it yourself.. Jus tt i can say tt my heart feel so free now... no longer confused... clearer of where i wana go=)

Yeah so tts me! I will beat e goliath in my life=)

Anw will be goin msia tml with my classmates.. goin to zhao's hse to stay over later! my holiday is jus so happening! =)

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