Saturday, December 29, 2007



Had another wonderful day today:)

Today is the termed as the "Lazy day" in my dictionary... doing the stuff i like and eating all my favourite food:)

Ate my favourite breakfast which is self-made toast with cheese and another with chocolate and peanut butter:)
Went sch and met up with kh, ying and sha to do bpharm proj... slacked around then sha accompanied me to bugis to get Josiah's present:)
We shopped around.. got a belt for myself but nothin for Josiah:p Sha got a belt and a watch..
After tt we went to Parco basement and brought donuts and 'Say Cheese' fries... sha and i stood at one corner and shared our food:)
After met peima, justin and ken and went to Potong Pasir CC and watched Bring It On.. i love sitting on the floor close together and discussing what we can do for nationals:)
Left for home with ting and jun while the rest went for supper... ting and i went to pasamalam before goin home.. the GoGo hotdogs are delicious!

Haha i realised im easily contented with life... jus being able to eat great food and hang out with my friends are enough:)
i dun ask for more... and i dun want anymore than that too:)

Anw another year is coming to an end soon... like my sis.. wan2 thank God for my family! I think its not been an easy year.. thanks for always giving me ur understanding and putting up with my tantrum:)
thanks mum, thanks kor, thanks ting! i love you all!

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