Thursday, November 29, 2007



Im sorry to make so many ppl cried... Uncle Sam is just like the father of Blazers and so whenever i got prob will go chit-chat with him and ask him for advice... So when i went to talk to him yesterday.. din expect him to come talk to e team:p

But thank God for e session! Now we are clear of what coach is expected from us.. how everybody feels.. we will make BLAZERS into a better team!

The effort and time coach, uncle sam, peima they all put in e team is nothin compared to what i have done... So dun worry... before coach say quit, before uncle sam say quit, before peima and frances say quit, i dun tink i have e right to say i quit! Being in a team you cant just tink about yourself... being in a team you have e responsibility of being a team member...

And i dun tink coach they all will ever give up on e team... so oh no i will stuck with blazers all of my life! haha kidding la... like what i say b4.. Blazers is my life and it will always be=)


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