Monday, September 24, 2007



Yesterday was interesting:)

Lizhen and Malcolm came to church!!! Haha very shocked and happy to see them:) Den lizhen said their A is 38 days away! So fast la!!! Hey ppl.. can see you guys are very stressed... dun worry you will do fine for A ok.. have faith in God=)
I wonder how Josiah can b so steady.. haha

After tt went to meet Zhao! Went V8 for lunch and chatted:) she as usual ate half of what she ordered... cant wait to met Zhao and Jus on wed!

Rushed home after tt and went to my church east district mooncake festival! Haha e food rocks! And thank God tt Josiah, Michelle, Linshen, Eric, Peisong and Jialiang went too! Had fun=) But left halfway to meet my dear=p

Kkz workin later frm 3-9pm! See ya=)

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