Tuesday, July 17, 2007



Haha.. today went home surprising early coz didnt eat with my cheerleaders... yeah so while waiting for my sis to bath finish i shd slack ard:)

Sch was not as bad as i tot.. was preparing for the worse tis week coz theres trgs from tue-fri and theres tonnes of tests and projs!!! haha.. but thank God i got very good friends tt r always helping me and encouragin me along:)

Yupyup.. so in order to reward my babes i lend them my new phone to play QuadraPop! And stupid justina set e record so high!!! Now im demoralized... Stupid Zhao broke mine and shasha record!!! So now onli got 2 of their names in e high score.... haha so shdnt lend them my hp anymore!!!!

kkz CHEERLEADING ROCKS!!! we are learning a new routine now and its like totally cool man! A ROUTINE WITH 30ppl!!!!! haha... so cool... im loving it:)

kkz ting came out of bath room le.. so i goin bath.. update soon:)

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