Saturday, June 23, 2007


YEsterday went sentosa with my babes!!! haha.. and 2 hunks:)

Kkz.. so long didnt go sentosa le.. long until we cant find palawan beach:p
Haha.. although onli got this few of us.. but realli enjoyed e day:) Played volleyball.. pinic there.. buried zhao and edmund... dragged justina into sea:p And woosh~ its 6pm le!!! So fast la...

After tt went to buy vivo donut with sha... queued up like 1++hr... not tt a lot of ppl queue.. is their service tt is slow!!!! And e WORSE part is e donut not nice at all!!! haha...

Kkz.. thank God once again for making my holiday so fun and memorable:) Sch starting soon.. hope it pass fast like tis sem.. cant wait for sept holiday!!! :)

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