Saturday, June 30, 2007



Poly lectureres are the most evil beings on earth... Its onli been a week of sch and theres so much so much things to do! :( Blogging now coz waiting for my article to load... tink our sch digital library reali need an upgrade!

Kkz.. im goin to keep tis entry short:p Yesterday was great! Went enous to eat my mr bean ice-cream! haha.. sha is so nice.. always accompany me there.. love ya babe! TzechOOng went with us too.. and we start to challange each other to see if i got 4 pacs or he got 6 pacs first!
Met up with e2 subcom friends and walked ard TM.. went pizza hut for dinner:) The service was so slow tt i was late for training! haha.. but trg was still great! Tried single base on ivan!!! And tt was seriously e coolest thing on earth man!

haha.. kkz my article load finish liao.. see ya!

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