Wednesday, May 02, 2007

happy birthday ying!!!

In library waiting for 7.30pm to arrive.... getting video from peiming!!! Haha... finally got time to blog leh....

Busy with cheerleading stuff this few days.... yesterday finally finished e powerpoint! :)

Yeah... mayb becoz too long didnt work out my brain le.. so when i got too many things to do den got stressed :p

Hee.. lucky i got a grps of veri fun friends:) Thanks babes for being always there to distress me when im stressed up easily:)

You rocks babe... love ya!!!!

haha.. tml is Cheerleading Newcomer Day!!! Hopefully e turnup is good:p

Friday going for AC amazing race with Sharon, Justina and Ting:) Was a helper but never a participant b4.. yup.. so quite excited!!!

Sat mayb meeting church friends to discuss abt Balthazar II=)

And NYAA we r goin for overnight cycling!!!


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