Sunday, April 22, 2007

sch starting le...

Sch starting tml!!! Haha.. cant wait for another happening yr with my babes and cheermates again:) KAHANG & JUSTINA not same class le:( BUT nvm... still got same apel class and lecs:)

Haha.. actuali yesterday i wrote a reflection on what i did for tis holiday and uploaded many photos for e blog
like AR4.. cheerobics.. mediacorp.. sports camp.. birthdays.. prssco.. meetup with sec sch friends.. went out with babes!!! learn to cook a lot:) etc...
BUT com suddenly hang and everything was gone! hey zhao i still can rmb e major events tt happen:p

Kkz.. busy with cheerleading tis few days coz recruitment is coming soon!!! I tink BLAZERS r all quite excited to recruit new members... haha.. JOIN CHEERLEADING!!!

yup... goin to do e pom-poms... take care and see ya!!!

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