Sunday, January 21, 2007

open house!

Tis week feels weird man.... time passed very fast but it feels long too.... Haha... i tot i very long didnt blog liao but realised tt i jus blogged last sun:)

Mayb becoz did a lot of things coz got labs and open house!

Haha... Sch was great!
Celebrated Zhao bdae on mon... ate pizza in sports complex while telling ghost stories!
Then me, Justina and Zhao did the whole Bmic prac by ourselve for the first time!!! It was so fun... and so satisfying... better than sitting there chatting and waiting for results:p

Thurs open house went to the cheerleading booth... theres not many ppl at the cca hub so me, khartini, peiming, jenny and clar went to lunch at itas:) So great to know Retro-fever went well!!! Haha... after tt me, peiming and jenny went to norgan vaaz and chatted... guess who we saw???

L from Death Note!!!
Hes so so so cool!!!

Fri open house went to CSC booth.... saw Jiamin, Alvin and Yide frm tprawks! But i was rushing back to e booth so went away after saying hi... sigh... shd hav chat more.... after tt went around askin ppl to fold cranes... Many r shocked tt im yr 1... hey.. i look so old meh:(

Haha.. cheerleading was good too! I love being front-spot:) Coach gave us a chherleader handphone tag!!! Cant wait for exams to b over so can train for nationals!!!

Today went dentist and decided to let the dentist choose my braces colour coz theres too many nice colours... he chose blue and purple and it looks quite sweet:)
After tt went shopping at orchard until 6+pm with my mum.... its was raining so heavily so didnt shop much and didnt buy anything... but bought lot of food!

Haha.. im hungry now again.... kkz.. gtg... take care!

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