Saturday, December 23, 2006

my hp died:(


Me in malaysia now! Haha... all e fats i lost in church camp was gained back yesterday!! The food here is SUPERB man...

Yupyup.. about the church camp!! Haha.. it was really really really DIFFERENT being a camp comm rather than a camper! I duno how to describe my feelings leh... the process is fun.. laughing and eating in the youth room during planning.. doing stuff tt u you dun usually do(eg grocery shopping).. cooking for 60 ppl... and of coz knowing God's word more:)

Being a camp comm really makes me grow... its the same feeling tt i feel after going OBS... feel so much more grown up and mentally stronger...

but if u ask me.. i would rather be a camper than a camp comm:p COZ IM A SLACKER!! Never know planning a camp is so tiring...

Mus really thank God for giving me(as well as the rest of the camp comm) the strength to run this camp:) Im really surprised tt i survived this camp having so little sleep and food!! Haha... okok.. not to scare those who r going to plan the fututre YM camps... The tiredness is the ONLI factor i chose to b a camper over camp comm...

Kkz.. especially thank
Matthew(my cell grp leader): For leading and taking care of us during the planning of e camp as well as the camp... for being so enthu despite being so tired...

WeiZheng: for all your wonderful ideas and drawings:)

Joyce and Josiah(chair and vice): Also for being such great leaders:)

Malcolm and Lizhen: For the games!!! which i tink its the toughest part of the camp..

Serene: For being logistics w me:) I will never choose anybody else as my logistics partner!! Thanks for being so aunt.. which is veri important coz tt what make the camp more perfect:)

Huiting, Xinlan and Junwei: For the deign of the shirt which is so nice!!! Haha.. and also helping us in so many areas during the camp:)

Kkz.. onli got another 2 mins left.. no need so polite with u guys coz u all know my heart... so i shd start thanking the rest...

uncle daniel.. seow hwee.. and pastor darren for their guidance..

jaygee.. ming yue... ivan.. shihao... linshen... peisong..for their help in one way or another:)

for those YA who came to our church camp despite being so busy!!

for the leaders and of coz the campers for making this camp a sucess!!!


Haha... cant believe the camp is over...

Kkz.. gtg... btw... drowned my phone during the camp so im currently uncontactable now:( I know i know got a lot of ppl hunting for me to do projs... so sorry... i will contact u guys once i return from malaysia yeah? mayb u guys can start w the projs first coz one got 1 week left for holi:p

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