Thursday, October 26, 2006


YEAH! I got jap as my 2nd cds!!! Haha.. actuali im not veri interested in jap lah.. but for the sake of Ms Akane(my cheer couch) so I chose tt as my 2nd cds... Looking veri forward to communicate in jap w her:)

My day is great today!!

Went to sch for CSAS2 in the morning... I tink our teacher quite ok.. young, pretty and cheerful:) Haha.. today is aso the 1st tut for the 1st sem... so 1st time our class sit together as one for this sem.. attendance full!!! Miracle....

After tt Azeimah, Kahang, Sharon, Ying, Zhao, desmond & me went to TM long john for lunch then we watched DEATH NOTE!
I love the character L... so cute! Haha.. but it ended so abruptly and everybody was like "end liao??!!' The most lame part is tt part 2 is coming out tis dec!! Whao.. so like we spent $7 to watch half the movie??
But the overall is good.. funny and unexpected:)

Yup.. evening went to 'shop' for specs with ying.. haha.. Both of us got the similar type of specs but Ying is half-frame and red... mine is full-frame and orange:)
Wondering y i didnt get GREEN frame? Haha.. my bro look better in green than me... yup.. so he got a new specs too.. green and full-frame:)

Kkz.. going to watch American Next TOp Model.. Update soon:)

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