Tuesday, September 26, 2006

SI results show

Jus came back from cheer... haha.. like usual.. I always enjoy cheerleading.. it makes me forget how tired or hungry i am... I LOVE BLAZERS!!!

Yesterday went to Singapore Idol result show with my blazers teamates representing TP... Haha.. its kind of fun to see the the singers so near... we are standing round the stage.. but its TIRING!! Screaming, clapping and waving like mad... and we are standing! At first we are quite reluctant to be enthu coz most of us support Jon instead.. but once the show started everybody got high:) Jon is so charming!!! And theres ENERGY!! Haha.. now i know besides michelle.. Energy hav another crazy fan.. Kartini!!
The whole event is great... Gurmit and Daniel Ong are realli great host!! Haha.. but the most 'great' part is tt I got the 1st Blazers tshirt:)

Another news... the president for our newly set-up CCA.. TP Blazers Fan CLub is ALvin Ting!! Haha.. jus kidding:)

Kkz... actuali im waiting for joseph to send me the photo we took at SI yesterday.. but jus rmbed he went dinner with cheermates... so tink i going to sleep first.. i upload soon again kkz:)

oh yah... HAPPY BDAE CHERYL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha.. jus saw audrina at TK jus now.. miss M.A.C.H so much:)

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Simply Blissful little one said...

Thank you...you remembered!!! Haha...=) Miss ya...