Sunday, May 14, 2006

Camp Com is out!!

Hey.. jus to update u guys more on our camp tis year.. not all things are confirmed yet coz haven got UD's approval but i tink we will most probably get our way=)

Church Camp Theme: God's Comission
Books covered: Acts to Revelation

Chairperson~ Joyce
Vicechair~ Josiah
Treasurer~ *Joy & *Geraldine
Publicity~ Hui Ting & Xin Lan
Games~ Li Zhen & *Malcolm
Logistic~ me and Serene
* Position is allocated to them coz they are not present in the time of voting.. thus may be subjected to change if they disagree

Yup... hope i didnt miss out anyone coz i thought there is more then 10 of us... Im in the logistic with Serene so the food n prizes will surely b great ok!! Li Zhen is in games so u can imagine how ___Fun?___(fill in the blank) the games will b right..haha.. As for publicity u cant expect much coz huiting is in the president of but theres xinlan so no worries! Of coz.. the most funky n cool ppl in our cell.. Joyce n Josiah will lead us on=)

Yup! Thats about it... I shd keep the rest of the information in suspense =)

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HIS child said...

ehh..wad! games org by me of course will be fun lar! haha