Saturday, December 03, 2005


:) This week was a very fun and happy week for me. Like mentioned last blog, Mon to Wed i went to TP and really enjoyed myself.. made many new friends and experienced poly life. I remembered saying too that i regretted a little for volunteering in the children church camp coz i will miss 2 days of TP. i change my mind!!
It was a really tiring 3 days for the children church camp but i really enjoyed myself. Time really flies.. felt like its only thursday today but its already saturday!! The kids are so cuteee!! Kai Min, Jing Wei, Ernest, Emmanuel, Joshua, Josiah, Chicken Little, Jaden, Miko, Kaylene, Joel, Yu Mu... there are so many more to name!!
I always enjoy this period of time... children church camp and youth church camp are always so memorable and fun... it feel like a reward after a year of hard work!! Thank God for this wonderful time!! ZZzzzzZZzz..very tired now... need to recharge myself for this monday youth camp..see ya next week!!

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